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Hola amigos, I’m Slinky – one of the locals behind Steel Donkey bike rides! I’ve been living in Barcelona for several years now, working as a travel writer and nightlife reporter, so in I’ve got to know the city really well, either by researching articles during the day or adventures by night.

I set up Steel Donkey bike tours because I felt that no one in Barcelona was offering visitors the kind of tour I like to go on when I visit a city… I’m not really interested in being shepherded around the main sights with a bunch of other tourists and being read out useful facts and oft-recited stories. I want to interact with the city I’m in and its people, I want to see some dusty and forgotten corners and have a unique experience to myself – not go on the same tour that hundreds or even thousands have taken before me.

Ride with Steel Donkey and we’ll head out into Barcelona in a small group (either just you and your friends if you want to keep it private, or with maybe two or three others – eight maximum!) and we’ll simply start exploring. I’m busy as we speak adding to my growing list of cool and unusual treasures (maybe we’ll discover some new ones on our adventures!), and thanks to the bikes we’ll be able to cover a lot of ground, get a real feel for the city and have a really action-packed day (or a really chilled one, if that’s what you prefer!). Most tourists see only a tiny fraction of Barcelona, but you’ll go home having seen an impressive amount  – geographically and culturally.

Of course I’ll tell you a few stories and anecdotes and give you my own insights on Barcelona, but this is not a typical ‘guided tour’. It’s an afternoon spent in the best way possible… on a bike, exploring the coolest streets, most scenic squares, best eateries, hippest hang outs, and much much more…

If you’re lucky I’ll be unavailable and you’ll get to ride with our Russian wing commander, KT instead… KT has been living in Barcelona, on and off, for years – and is forever winding her way through the streets on the little red and white ‘Bicing’ bikes available to residents. She knows the city better than she knows her own name, and not only that she is the local guru when it comes to what’s going on – so she’ll be able to give you lots of invaluable tips for the rest of your stay.

In fact our team has grown and these days “Agent M” from Madrid and Catalan Dave are two more riders we’re proud to welcome into the Steel Donkey fold. Agent M loves Barcelona so much that she upped sticks from the Spanish capital to live here and spends her free time investigating the best cheap tapas places in town or shopping at hip vintage fashion markets. Catalan Dave is Barna born and bred and he will tell you a bit about this mysterious Catalan national identity you may have heard about… and unveil some of the treasures that only a resident of nearly three decades might know!

All of us are passionate about this fascinating city that we’re lucky enough to live in, and we love sharing its secrets with our guests… so bring your best pedalling pegs and join us for a Steel Donkey ride.

To book a ride the best option is to email us in advance (although you can also call or SMS… +34 657 286 854) and let us know what day and time you want to set out. The ‘tours’ typically last 3.5 to 5 hours (we’ll grab something to eat!). If you want to be sure of availability please book in advance. If you are desperate to see one thing in particular, or are interested in one particular theme then let me know and that’ll help me plan a route you’ll love most.

You can also email with any questions… although you may find our FAQ page is quicker!


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  • Linda Elgart

    Hi, Slinky. We’ll be in Barcelona for a few days and want to ride! We are cyclists (actually long time racers, but also around-town riders), and want to use a bike to see the city, and get some riding in. We are not tour-taking type of people. But you sound so un-touristy that we might be interested, if it’s just riding around, eating, and hanging out in the city. We’ll be there June 16-19. BTW, we speak Spanish.

  • Steel Donkey

    Hi Linda, check your email:) See you in June!

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