Why Steel Donkeys?

How did we come by this funny four-legged name?

What’s in a name?

The phrase ‘Steel Donkey’ not only reflects our metal rides in an original way (and we like to be original!), but the donkey has a special place in our hearts. This noble animal is both the symbol of Catalonia and also an endangered species in these parts.

Despite being dubbed ‘The Best Donkey in the World’ by Donkey Magazine, there are only 500 specimens of the Catalan Donkey left grazing in Catalonia today. We’re researching right now how we can help raise that number by donating some euros and raising awareness… for now check out the Fuives centre, which works hard to preserve this splendid beast.

As a side note the donkey is also an incredibly curious animal, with its pricked up ears and nose for adventure (…ok for food, but adventure if it necessitates getting to the grub!), just like we are. And whilst it is no speed demon, the donkey is as reliable form of transport as any – just take the doughty Dapple who carted Sancho Panchez’s huge frame around 17th Spain in Cervantes legendary adventure Don Quixote.

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